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Cristián Coo Calcagni

Christian has a PhD in psychology and is particularly interested in applying research projects and the transfer of academic knowledge and insights to help organizations succeed.


Love of learning and critical thinking are Cristian’s core values. He thrives when exploring new research opportunities and developing challenging projects that involve a systemic approach and multiple perspectives to solve complex problems. Keeping and open and curious mind and fostering positive relations and networks of collaboration are his main motivations.


Cristian has experience as a learning and development consultant and trainer and has collaborated with a wide variety of organizations across the world. He is also a trained researcher particularly interested in applied research projects and transferring academic insights and knowledge to help organizations thrive and succeed.


Cristian has a PhD in Psychology from Universitat Jaume I in Spain, specializing in work & organizational psychology, occupational health, mental health promotion interventions and positive psychology. He is also a trained mindfulness and meditation teacher.

Tim Rudi Veiteberg