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Lisa Vivoll Straume

Lisa is founder and academic director of MIND:. She holds a PhD in positive psychology from NTNU, and is one of the nation's foremost experts in the field. She is also a board member of the ENPP.


Knowledge sharing and communication are Lisa's strongest values. She is driven by learning and development, and values what is genuine, honest, and direct, and is ruthless when it comes to the quality delivered in academic work.


Lisa has worked at the interface of research and practice since 2002. Since this time she has lead leadership trainings, coaching and mental training both in 1-1 settings and in groups, as well as dissemination on stage and in the media.


Lisa has a PhD degree in positive psychology from NTNU, specializing in organizational psychology, cognitive and emotion psychology, and statistical research of experience qualities.

The most poignant aspect of Lisa’s research is the combination of precision and creativity that she infuses into her work. She recognizes the relationship between the intricate details and the grand theoretical implications, and draws the line from one to the other with the humility of a scientist’s skepticism and the boldness of a world-changing thinker. Orin C. Davis, Ph.D., Quality of Life Laboratory
Lisa offers a robust and understandable academic foundation and combines it with practical and effective tools for working with value-based leadership. The most important aspect of the method is that the MIND: team motivates employees in systematic training and hard work. This is the secret
Rune Sagør
Sebastian Stein